Total Purification

February 7th to 10th at Centro Umepay

The workshop has a design of theoretical and practical activities that lead us to learn to listen to one’s own body and its needs. How to listen to it, how to feed it in the most precise way, how to care for it and respect its signals.

For this will be available activities of body awareness, meditation and self-knowledge and practical information and tips on how to prepare exquisite and nutritious food and juices.

The feeding throughout the workshop will be without animal derivatives, specially designed to deepen into what is required by each body.

The place will be the Umepay Center located in Yacanto de Calamuchita, Córdoba.

An Ecocentro located on the banks of the Rio Grande that has all the necessary infrastructure to carry out processes of self-knowledge and is created in a sustainable way in all its constructions and impact on nature

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