Mindfulness – Meditation practice

How to start a meditation practice? How to work with breathing?
How to quiet my mind? How to lower my stress level?

In this experiential workshop we explore and practice integrating and stabilizing a practice of meditation in your daily life.

What is the benefit of this?
Through the practice of meditation you train your mind to make it available to you.
Activate the observer of yourself and your actions, and with practice you start to get out of the “autopilot” to start DECISION making, outside of your behavior patterns. This is a real treat.
It begins to be evident to you where you put your ATTENTION (and your energy), and in this way what you are creating as your reality, begins to move from the unconscious to the conscious level.
By training your mind, you can observe your thoughts, un-identify from them, to focus your attention on the creation of what YOU WANT TO REACH.

How to achieve it?
integrating practices of Mindfulness.
Sharpen listening, where is your ATTENTION.
Working with the breath.

you take an audio to help you continue with your daily practice.