“They say about me…”

Having come from several years of audio visual production and navigating the world of mainstream television, lrina went through a process of self exploration and radically changed her direction. She expanded her repertoire into exploring the places of her own artistic expression. From there she related this knowledge back to the body through her personal investigation of body treatments and therapies. Irina began developing, teaching and sharing her own signature therapies in depth. Years later, she studied the Aura Reading method and integrated it into her development. From that moment on she has being giving sessions wherever she is, to help people with the understanding of their own process, sharing tools to “Access your true self”; your own potential.

More than ten years ago lrina’s life encountered Contact lmprovisation and from that moment on CI became the central focus of her actions. Regardless of whether she was exploring CI through learning, organizing events, festivals or teaching. This dance has impacted her methods quite profoundly. lrina has travelled and studied CI with different teachers of international recognition. Driven by the urge to share her dance, she has danced in Germany, France, Finland, Israel, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Argentina, among other places. During the last 8 years, she has been one of the group creators and organizers of IBIZA CONTACT FESTIVAL. She also teaches dance in different parts of the world. While her movement exploration and life research continued, she developed and founded her own method THEONEDANCE, the encounter between MINDFULNESS and MOVEMENT; a deep listening to the inner voice. Now she goes around the world sharing her teaching, her own medicine.

Irina has practiced Yoga for over 20 years and in the last 10 years her practice of meditation has been fundamental in the meeting with herself and the development of her work. She has incorporated into her knowledge training classes, based on the Pilates technique, to increase body awareness. This is why her experiential retreats include MEDITATION, TRAINING, MOVEMENT, as the three pillars of practice to “Access your true self,” to deepen into your own potential, to increase the listening to yourself.

What has happened very naturally is that people have been approaching her, looking for her depth, wisdom, commitment and dedication to understanding her own personal process. They have followed Irina’s experience and the personalized work she does with them. She has been creating and holding personal processes for people in different parts of the world. Based on this experience, she offers 5 days of change: An all meeting to deepen your truth, to feel yourself from inside, to listen to yourself, to understand and respect yourself, to start the journey on your own path, or to increase your peace walking it.

In Ibiza, where she has lived for more than 15 years, she has opened the world of interpretation and improvisation. Since 2008, she has been creating a variety of shows for private events that have included dancing and/or modeling. Her specialty is the creation of life characters, hosting events by dancing or even including guests in the performative act. In recent years she has been chosen to create and lead special events and different ceremonies such as weddings. Her way of working is through the inclusion of your own vision, creating that special time together, so you can feel and express the vision of your dream and bring it into reality: you will work together with her.
“I share the expression of myself, in many ways, and what I like is to be available for this to happen, knowing that what actually happens is that IT HAPPENS THROUGH ME, and that my true and only job is simply to let it happen. THANK YOU for every opportunity you offer me to open up to share it.” Irina

Irina also does:



combined with body awareness exercises.
A training for body-mind-soul:

Irina’s classes are a balanced combination of Yoga and Pilates, helping participants to develop personal body awareness. Her classes bring the depth of the Yoga Practice and complement it with the core strength exercises that Pilates works.

Tune your body with precise techniques and micro-movements to work deeper muscle groups.
Enhance the focus of your mind – Exercises are designed to sharpen thinking and concentration.
Work with the breath to give a physical understanding of release and focus of the attention to your body.
xplore how to use the “right amount” of energy, as a practice to bring to your life.


Physical control/precision
Fluidity of movement
Centering and grounding
Personal power

* To Compliment your workout and to maximize the benefits meditation is done before the practice starts in order to help train our attention.



Irina’s art is expressed through a technique called REAL TIME COMPOSITION, which allows her and the audience to sense that what is happening is created right in the moment. This keeps the act alive and touches people.


You can choose one of her characters or create together a situation related to what you would like to offer.
Her specialty is to create life characters that host the event, dance and play with the audience or guests.
A performance may combine treatments to include a Reiki session or massage or offer the guests a unique experience of a sensorial journey.
She creates and host special events, different Ceremonies (WEDDINGS). Her way of working is through the inclusion of your own vision, creating that special time together, so you can feel the expression of your dream vision into reality: we work together..


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