It is a personalized program that combines Aura Reading, meditation, breathing, physical training and Coaching.

We design each program according to your daily activities and what you need to reset in your routine.
The goal is to help you changing those habits that pull you down for those that uplift your life and find a place for them in your daily life. Due to easily follow the direction of what you want to archieve, we work STEP BY STEP together, introducing the changes that allow you to focus on the creation of a happier and healthier life.

How do we work?

We commit to each other in working for 3 hours each day during 5 days.
On the first meeting we do an Aura Reading, that provides us with the information about what you are through at the present moment, about what kind of lessons you need to learn and how to break through your resistances. From that information on, we make the plan that we will be following during the next 5 days.



My experience of this Divine Female Energy, who is so gentle, soft, patience, firm & precise in her approach, has taught me to connect tremendously to my True Being whilst shredding my personality into Nothing. Her methods are not to be understood, as she sill show you, who you are difinitly not. As a Strong Male Energy she has helped me Balance my Energies which i never taught i possessed. She has given me my other leg so i can finally Dance the Dance. Life Changing to say the least. I am truly Grateful & Eternally blessed to have received her in my life. She is Truly Divine. Thank You Irina, a true master of love!
KURT KOH MAK (Tailandia)

“The work with Irina for me was a work of listening, of attention, of being responsible and at the same time creating a compassionate and loving space for myself. Let me be. Irina helped me to listen honestly and without prejudice and I was able to put order in my chaos. Through her I also learned to discern between the different voices that speak to me inside, whether it is my mind or my Being and, through that way, been able not to be overwhelmed by the voice of the mind, prejudices and patterns, and at times Free from them. There was a very deep work and great transformation through this change of perspective. ”

Irina has been leading retreats and classes, as well as offering Personal Programs in Ibiza, Thailand, Bali and argentina.

her to organize your Personal Program or join one of her retreats.

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